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PHP & Homebrew

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Installing and managing your local machine via homebrew can be a daunting process for some. One minute all is well in the neighborhood, and the next moment—complete disaster. The disaster strikes when trying to set things up for the project you are going to work on the following morning. Hopefully, this blog post will be of use for some, as it may reduce some headaches when setting up your environment.

Breaking away from PHP

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Today marked the day where I am took my first steps to expanding my horizons through learning the Python language. A couple of weeks ago, during a meeting at work, a few other developers and I discussed plans to design and develop a new CRM for the company.

Email Obfuscation

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Today at work I got a task from a client regarding Email Obfuscation. Obviously we all come across scenarios where we need to better secure our sites for our clients. But what about emails? It is common for a random bot to eventually crawl to our sites and pull all <a href=""></a> tags from our code and then add the emails to some job queue to spam the f*** out of us.

I Have Some Explaining to Do

I am Frederick Lawler and I make websites. I have worked at the company 40Digits for close to three years. I have worked very closely with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SQL, and HTML/CSS.