FredLawl's Blog

I Have Some Explaining to Do

I am Frederick Lawler and I make websites. I have worked at the company 40Digits for close to three years. I have worked very closely with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SQL, and HTML/CSS.

Why not Wordpress?

I decided to use Octopress and Git as my source of blogging software because, as a developer I need not concern myself with the style or hassle of making a style for my own personal blog. I want my blog to focus on personal questions, stories, and you guessed it—code!

Another benefit to a software such as Git and Octopress, I don’t need to sit around and find decent syntax highlighting tools. I can just simple put my code into here.


I do not expect many people to visit my blog, and I also do not care if many people do. I am using this blog as a means to get out questions, observations, documentation, and code.